Distance Healing Help

For any healing help call us for free 3 to 7 day distance healing for your urgent healing situations. Contact the Center 10 am to 6 pm Monday thru Saturday for more information: Landline: (011) 2411-3990, 2411-5990, Mobile: 8527-67-2345

Emergency Healing Help

Attend life-changing webinars and other programs with Nalin Nirula - Spiritual Guru, Karmic Healer and result-oriented Mentor and Life Coach.

Visit the Karma Blog for stimulating and inspiring content aimed at helping you help yourself and take charge of your life.

Change Your Karma Now by Attending Webinars

Free Webinars

  • Saturday morning 8:15 am to 9:15- Bhagavad Gita For All, Lectures.
  • Karma Code Thursdays - once a month, check schedule for dates and announcements.
  • Other programs as announced in schedule.

Paid for

To register, send an e-mail to - info.ttnhc@gmail.com, or inquire at the Center - phones: 2411-5990, 2411-3990 - Mobile: 8527-67-2345

  • Download the free GoToWebinar App on your desktop or mobile device. You can also get this from the http://tinyurl.com/gotowebinar-download link.
  • Join online by opening the app and, at the prompt, enter the Login ID you received in from the organizer as a confirmation of your registration. You can also immediately connect through web browser by clicking on the link received from the organizer.
  • The web seminar start time will be already configured by the organizer and in case you log in prior to the designated time, you would see the message – "Organizer is yet to join… please stand by."
  • All participants will be kept on mute by the organizer.
  • In case you wish to ask a question, send message – ‘Q’ to the Organizer using Q&A option on the screen or raise a hand option on the screen. Organizer will seek permission from the presenter on your behalf and then would un-mute your mic and you can ask the question. You may also type your complete question and organizer shall ask on your behalf.
  • Recording / print screen / screenshots are strictly prohibited. Contravening this may result in cancellation of your participation in this and future webinars.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! For any queries please e-mail us at

The True North Health Center Webinar Team

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Some Energy Ways to Change Your Karma Now

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