in the most auspicious month of
Kartik (October-November)

"The Diwali celebrations have become more about focusing on getting Lakshmi opulence energies while ignoring or minimizing Lord Rama. So then, what is the difference between that attitude and Ravana's attitude? How did we become followers of Ravana rather than Lord Rama? Beyond chanting a few mantras invoking Sita Ram (if that even), truthfully, how much is Lord Ram in your consciousness when you celebrate Diwali?"

Divali, or Deepavali, the festival of lights celebrates the Supreme Lord Sri  Rama's victory over evil. It is a homecoming celebration at the city of Ayodhya, the capital of His kingdom, and now celebrated throughout India and the world over wherever there is the Indian diaspora.

  • When we are focused on grabbing Lakshmi-ji gains excluding Lord Rama from our service and worship--this is no different than a Ravana attitude.

The traditional puja on Diwali involves worshipping the forms of Lakshmiji and Lord Ganesh--where is Lord Rama?

Approaching the demigods separately from the Divine forms like Lord Rama, only gets one temporary time-bound gains. Approaching the Divine healing forms and energies is a far better approach.

  • As healers we have the Reiki and the KQ energies which are the complete Divine mother and father energies.
  • Maximize your healing opportunities today by healing yourself, and chanting the glories of the Lord--starting with the Hare Krishna Hare Rama Mahamantra.
  • To know more about healing opportunities and practices specially recommended during this month of Kartik--see this ISKCON Desire Tree  article

What Diwali celebrations mean

Learn more by hearing this special conversation about Deepavali between Nalin Nirula and visitors at the Thursday Healers Assembly, October 27, 2016.

  • Inviting new energies into your life today.
  • The spiritual-material opulence energies of Lakshmi-ji and Lord Rama.
  • Approaching the Devi-Devatas confers limited and temporary benefits.

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