Gateway Retreat 2016

The Gateway Retreat 2016 Review Announcement

We are now at the 3-month Gateway Retreat 2016 mark.

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  • 3-month 9-Gateway Retreat Webinar or personal presence review will be held on Saturday, June 25th, 9:45 am - 11:00 am IST.

    • Contact: Needhi Lazara or Ajay Sharma at Center to register (no additional fee required). E-mail if needed at:
    • For the review, prepare a summary of of where you were pre-retreat, what are now your short-term and long-term goals as established during the retreat, and modified subsequently (if applicable).
    • The intermediate goals and steps leading to the longer term 6-month and 12 month goals--and how many of the intermediate and short term goals have been achieved.
    • Any intermediate goals not reached, and reasons for this.
    • The path going forward for the next 3 months until end September, including intermediate step-wise goals.
    • Which areas of the 9 gateways have you integrated in the above plans and workings.
    • If solutions or paths are still not clear for how to reach larger and farther goals--note the options you have available. Note--If you want to discuss solutions then you must have a list handy of the most doable options for yourself before any discussion during the webinar/seminar.
    • Plan what you have to say. Be brief. We have limited time available and would like to give everyone an opportunity to share and discuss.

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing and hearing you on Saturday the 25th June, 9:45 am on the webinar or in the seminar.

Nalin Nirula

Expanding the 9 Gateways of Life

The Gateway Healing Retreat 2016 with Nalin K. Nirula re-looks at and reorganizes our conventional ideas about the 9 areas of life activities.

When these 9 areas are in dynamic movement and balance, the ship of life travels well on the river of time and destiny.

  • The Bhagavad Gita refers to the human body as the City of 9 Gates, and the Black Hat Feng-Shui system specifies 9 life activities, as does the Vedic Vastu system. Each of these embody different views of the same spiritual truths and secrets for harmonizing and balancing the material with the spiritual.

This Gateway Retreat 2016 is not about Feng-shui or Vastu, but an evolving exploration of the inner potentials within the human form and human paradigm, using easy-to-understand templates.

  • Call the Center to check for seat availability, costs, registration procedures, eligibility to attend, and other details. At this time we have planned for a maximum of 35 attendees.

NOTE: This is a useful pre-preparation for a special Spiritual Trip-Holiday being planned for the later part of the year--The Root Gateway Trip to Israel, which has the Root Chakra of the planet.

The Root Gateway Trip will have limited seats for participants from India; at this time the planning is for between 15- 20 people traveling from India.

(Attending the March, Gateway Retreat 2016 is not a pre-requisite for the Root Gatweay Trip.)

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Gateway Healing Retreat 2016



March 24 - 27

(Pre-opening on 23rd March evening)

March 23, 2016- Pre-opening

March 23, 6:00 - 7:45 pm  A-14, Anand Niketan

Registration, Universal Access Power Healing Passports & Visas issue

* Gala Pre-opening dinner at Luxury 5 Star Taj Man Singh Hotel, New Delhi

Wednesday, March 23rd, 8:15 pm

Dress Code: Smart casual

*(Subject to booking availability)

Thursday, March 24 thru Sunday, March 27

Treehouse Resort & Hotel, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan

March 24 at 7:00 am

Assemble at A-14 Anand Niketan on Thursday, Receive final instructions and breakfast & snack pack -

Depart by luxury coach for Bhiwadi: 8:00 am.

Sunday, March 27

Retreat Conclusion.

Depart for Delhi after early afternoon tea.