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Italian Food

Very Berry Frozen Fruit Whip

Learn to cook healthy, tasty zero-fat Italian food for optimum health for yourself and your family.

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Pizza with rocket leaves, red wine broiled mushrooms and pine nuts topping

Pizza toppings - Corn, zucchini, olive. Onion. Mushroom


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Spaghetti Arrabiata

Putting together the Spaghetti and special sauce(Below)

Spaghetti sauce with country style chopped chunky tomato, broccoli, carrots, olives, sweet basil leaves.

Risotto ai Funghi

Risotto ai Funghi & asparagus in oil-free and dairy-free creamy white wine reduction with pine nuts.

The shitake & asparagus Risotto is blended with a creamy vegan zero fat/oil sauce using shitake mushroom stock.

The cooking area's overhead mirror gives participants an excellent view of the cooking as it takes place

The Eating Cure Cookery Class is science based

Mr. Nalin Nirula has a combined professional food industry and therapeutic healing and nutirition experience of over 50 years. Teaching people how to reverse chronic degenerative diseases, and remaining healthy is the goal of his science-based Eating Cure seminars and classes.

Mr Nirula comes from the well-known Nirula's food family of Delhi. He learned Chinese cooking under the Chinese chef--Li Wo Po, who had come to India as HH Dalai Lama's chef. Li Wo Po stayed on to work with the Nirula family, creating the menu for their iconic Chinese Room restaurant.

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Typical Kashmiri Menu

The entire menu is fat- oil- and dairy-free.

Mid-morning snack:
* 'Chatpati Shakkarkandi' (yam) with pomegranate seeds.

* 'Kashmiri Haak saag' (kadam, Kashmiri kale) in a traditional Kashmiri spice gravy...
* ... Served with premium 'Kerala black rice' (25% bran Matta rice)
* 'Kashmiri Rajmah' curry in a mildly spiced flavorful red tomato gravy
* 'Winter Squash' in a light gravy
* 'Piquant pan-roasted potatoes'

* 'Chilled Crunchy Fresh Fruit Whip': Mango, strawberry, grape whip with diced Golden Delicious Green and Red apples, and pomegranate.

Afternoon snack:
* 'Chatpata Potato' with puffed rice and roasted chickpeas sprinkles tossed with with a fresh lemon and corainder dressing