Special Conversation
Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula

Special Conversation - Part 1

Reiki is a spiritual initiation. It is a Diksha process. Reiki is an energy which is working eventually to rewrite our destiny..
You have to take responsibility for doing what is needed to get to the point that you want to go..
Ways of doings things will change. We will experience those things. Usually in a few weeks to a few months people have a radical shift in their areas, in many areas and they can track it. So that change comes by their practice of doing healing.

Q: What exactly is Occult? Does it in anyway help us on path to Spirituality. Why do people knowingly or unknowingly sometimes get attracted towards these Occult sciences like Astrology?

Occult means mystical and it is not necessarily limited to astrology. Metaphysical can be used as a substitute term for Spiritual also ..
Astrology people are interested because it is kind of a roadmap of your inheritance of Karma..
The problem with this is that over dependence on Astrology makes you feel helpless and it is not necessarily always accurate. The science is very peculiar. It has a curse on it that whatever the astrologer tells you about the past will be absolutely accurate. Future he cannot ..
We have found people who have done healing and going after few years they go to astrologer and astrologer sas this happened, this happened. It didnt quite happen in that way ..
Destiny pattern of people who are doing healing changes. it may change greatly or it may change not so greatly but effectively it changes in terms of modifying the results.

Q: Any of the branches of Occult help us?

No, they don’t !! In fact in the Bhagvatam it is recommended any gathering of knowledge, any technical procedures, any meditation, any Yoga, Reject !! To go on the spiritual path. Only do chanting of the Mahamantra, be connected Spiritually.

“harer-nama harer-nama harer-namaiva kevalam kalau nasty-eva nasty-eva nasty-eva gatir anyatha”

There is no other way, no other way, no other way except chanting the name, chanting the name, chanting the name. In Kaliyoga you cannot get liberation or enlightenment or spiritual benefit. “Harer-Nama kevalam” Only !! Nothing else !! . Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has explained this in great details in his Adi Lila, one can consult it. It is very advanced kind of understanding, but to be in that state one has to actually be there, not artificially.
Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita , says leave all this Karma Kanda, no Karma Kanda, no going to Demi Gods. All this occult is Demi God related. He is saying, It is only for less intelligent people, and for those who are less intelligent, they are in their dream world, they want to do that, i have made the provision. Those who want to get out, they will get out.

There are only two reasons that people are here in the material world, One is to enjoy the material facility and the second is to opt out of this. The reason the facility to enjoy is given is because eventually the intelligent person will come to the point of realizing that without the Divine, without Krishna, there is no enjoyment, then he will seek this path. So this path is also waiting for him. So this is very deep conclusive teaching that if you are not doing one you will be in the other.
In other places also the Divine has said that the Demi-God become very envious, so they try and create trouble but because, you are connected to me, you are under my protection and shelter, they can’t do anything..
Demi-Gods also don’t do everything, even Lord Brahma is also not fully surrendered to Krishna, although he knows who is what. Only my devotee, who is exclusively my devotee, is surrendered person. He can be in any stage of life. But you have to apply this principles in Daily life. You have to apply this understanding.
What Reiki will eventually do for you ? It will give you a comfortable life, that much is sure because when you have comfortable life only can you give up all this nonsense towards your real goal that is to get out of this Samsara. But if you want to take it to next level of Comfort, you want to take it to next level of Confort. At some point Reiki is going to say, enough, calm down and get real, but conceivably you could go on for the whole life and ask for more.

Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula
Karmic Healer & Initiating Spiritual Master 

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