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Nalin K. Nirula & Renoo Nirula

"We have dedicated our lives to empowering people and giving them the tools to change their karma and destiny in any life-situation and come out a winner. This website is an outcome of our lifetimes' practical, result-oriented experience. For details of how our methods can help you in your life, click here.

"Further, you too can get the benefits of these life-changing methods immediately. Start with this free package of Karma changing techniques and methods right now to protect what you have and to start getting what you do not have. The rest can follow.

"Be with the KQ Force and be more successful in all that you do! "

--Nalin K. Nirula and Renoo Nirula
Karma healers and teachers based in New Delhi, India.

More About the Nirulas
In 1981, the Nirulas established their first karmic healing center at Anand Niketan in New Delhi. Then going forward, they have established karmic healing centers in different parts of India, Israel, UK, USA, South Africa, Colombia (South America).

Working with spiritual empowerments, Nalin and Renoo are developed psychic-clairvoyant, using their talents to help people change their karma in all walks of life.

They have a busy healing, teaching and consultancy practice where they help people to heal their life situations and obstacles faced--whether in the areas of health, personal relationships, career, finances, or generally.

They initiate, connect and empower people with the KQ Force karmic healing energies that they discovered. To this end they conduct Karmic Empowerment Seminars that involve non-sectarian non-religious spiritual initiation. The teaching includes specialized techniques to improve one's conditions in all areas of life and living.

"We don't want to see you coming to us year after year as patients," say Nalin and Renoo. "Our goal is about empowering you with spiritual and material energies with a practical understanding of how they work together. We want to see you using the KQ Force empowerments to create your new life in the now, today."

To learn more about the ARRT of Karma and about the Nirulas journey read their story below.

Change your karma

"Hello, Nalin K. Nirula here to tell you more about ourselves!"

Our personal journey is based in the universal fact that each of us is seeking empowerment to create abundance, or wealth, in all areas of our lives. This drives us, whether it is personal relationships, health, finances, asset creation, jobs, career, opportunities, happiness and satisfaction, recognition or spirituality. Each of us strives for satisfaction in these areas.

We have all got unexpected benefits in life, but are unable to regularly get a repeat of that success. This is even though we may try to do again what we did for the earlier success. Or, surprised by chance events we are unable to meet the challenge properly and conclusively.

It was the same with us.

We found ourselves trying to fix the new challenges the best way we knew how. Instead, we ended up having to deal with additional problems and new complexities arising out of what we did to fix the previous situations.

The question to ask
In turn, this was an endless fix-it-up-again task, and we didn’t really understand the why of it at all. Just as others did in similar situations, we also asked, "what could we have done differently... what can we do to get the same or different results?"

Not getting any remarkable insights, we bravely continued to make the best of it.

If your experience is somewhere similar to ours, and you are not winning the heights of success you would want, then you need to ask this most important question of all:

"What are the rules of how things really work for success and failure in life?"

Think about it--if you want to win at anything, but don’t know what the rules of the game are--If the rules are unclear or out of focus--how can you ever expect to succeed?

Probably never, except for those frustratingly tantalizingly 'chance' or 'luck' events, which are out of your control. Of course this has led to a whole new uncertainty based industry--gambling and speculation.

In every situation in life we see that knowing how things work is crucial to any chance of success.

Only by knowing the rules can you win.

Gambling is very risky especially if it has a bearing on your life events. Fortunately, you need not be part of this helplessly rolling along 'by chance' and luck movement any more.

Can you connect with this?

If this sounds familiar, then you are rightly placed to benefit from understanding what is karma or the action-reaction-response theory (ARRT) of karma, and to win at anything in life. We do this by showing you how to apply the secret and practical rules about karma.

This understanding will add a different dimension to your daily activities. You will get the knowledge of how to progress in life while avoiding, minimizing and deflecting unwanted karmic reactions and undesirable situations in life.

  • We know that this will start you on your way to re-creating your life the way you always wanted, with success all the way. This is our practical experience after having empowered thousands of people worldwide to improve and increase their wealth, health, life situations, relationships, jobs and financial position.

The essential elements of our different Karma Quotient (KQ Force) Empowerment seminars is what you will get here. The Action-Reaction-Response Theory (ARRT), or karma theory, in practical application to your everyday life is what you will find here.

We freely share this knowledge about validated results-oriented karma changing, life-changing methods and techniques with you.

Wishing you all success!

Nalin K. Nirula and Renoo Nirula

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