Birthday Celebrations

January 8, 2013 was celebrated as the birthday of Healing Master Nalin Nirula by his students, family and friends in India and elsewhere.

Here are some messages and photos from these celebrations.

January 8, 2013

Master Nirula's  birthday was celebrated in Manilla, Philippines, with a KQ Meditation and function for healers. It was  hosted by Minna Vohra (seated left).

Special birthday cake at Manilla brought by KQ healer Renu Narasimham.

One of our younger healers--Mishaa Vohra from Manilla made a video of the KQ healing rap she composed and sent it in to Master Nirula on his birthday ...Here is the audio of the rap...

Here is poem from our young karmic healer Guneesha Sawhney and her family from New Delhi:


Dearest granddad,

You guide us through rough times,

Teach us to savour the climbs,

For it is not the peak, but how to get there,

To never ever lose hope or despair.


We wake up everyday

Only to new situations,

But you’re always there

To teach us persistence and patience


Your love and affection, are one of a kind

A solution to all our problems, within seconds you find.


We gratefully  thank you

For all the fixing you do in our lives

We look up to you

Thank you for standing by our sides


Happy birthday granddad, we love you loads!!!

PS, Sonnya, Guneesha and Aaleesha

P.S. – I wrote the poem myself. First try. Hope you like it :)

Message from the Master to Guneesha---

"Thank you for your lovely thoughts so beautifully expressed. Lots of love to you all and blessings for all progress, health wealth and happiness."



Many healers worldwide sent in messages of gratitude, greetings and good wishes.

Master Nirula sends healing blessings, love and light to all students,  well-wishers and all those who come in contact with him, especially on this occasion.

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