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Chapter 11:The Universal Form

Arjun requests to see the Universal Form of Krishna; the significance of blind King Dhritrasthra hearing this description is that it is meaningful for us as well, who may not have the spiritual eyes to see who Krishna is.

Aug 12, 2017

BG 11.15-31 - Krishna's Universal Form

Arjuna said, "I see in your body the assembly of all the demigods, along with other living beings. I see specifically Lord Brahma on a lotus flower and Lord Shiva, as well as the great sages and divine serpents."—BG 11.15

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Aug 09, 2017


PRE-DIWALI - Book your healing and wellness products from the True North Health Center: Sri Laxmi-Ganesh, Sri Jagganath, Subhadra, Baladeva--NEW: Saturday Box

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Aug 04, 2017

The Mystery of Karma

Excerpts from Nalin Nirula's forthcoming book--

Cracking the Karma Code for Winning in Life.

This autographed Collector's Edition will be available in October, 2017.

The Mystery of Karma
"Why is it that I see the bad guys doing well, and the good guys get left behind?"

If you have asked this question, as I have, you are in the greater majority of people who have felt frustrated and helpless with this at some time or another, not knowing how to change things in their favor.

The answer we might get is, that we are getting from life according to our destiny, our karma. We are told that if we do good we will experience good things, and yet there is so much trouble that finds us even as we try to do good and be good. It just doesn’t seem right or fair does it?

We really need to get reliable answers to these questions so that we can act with confidence, and be free from doubt that we are moving in a progressive way in life. Without this understanding there is a lot of anxiety about the uncertainties of what life holds in store for us. What is right and proper, is also something to look at. Whose standard of right and wrong? Mine, or the enforceable law of the land, or some other law?

"Whodunit to whom? Me & Myself?!"
All of these doubts can be removed by looking at the theory of karma. Think of it as a mystery to unravel. It's a whodunit where we are accused of being both the perpetrators as well as the victims! Quite an astonishing charge indeed!

The first exploration will be to examine and understand what the karma theory proposes, and see if this is factual and true according to the evidence, science and research.

Topics we look at include how actions develop consequences (karma), destiny; rebirth or reincarnation; past and future lives of the individual; and what defines the material and spiritual. We will also examine who we are, and what is immortality.

Aug 03, 2017

How this book will help you change your life and destiny

Excerpts from Nalin Nirula's forthcoming book--

Cracking the Karma Code for Winning in Life.

This autographed Collector's Edition will be available in October, 2017.

Published by NNP

My approach to delivering you a capability for working knowledgeably with the mechanisms of karma is different than what you might find in the popular genre of self development books, that usually don't take into account the karma factor. This is a fundamental flaw in such books.

While most self-help books may identify the type of behavior needed to be successful—they do not create the how needed to make a meaningful change in the reader's vision and actions. Without this inner change, the reader cannot act naturally in accordance with what is needed to improve his destiny and life.

Methods offering standardized rules cannot take into account individual circumstances and what the reader might be willing or able to do. It is like a gym membership where most people eventually end up dropping out of, or like an exercise treadmill at home that mostly lies unused. It is there, but not used much, and eventually not used at all.

As you interact with what you read in Cracking the Karma Code, it will generate within you the 'how' in a way that is doable and sustainable without causing you internal conflict.

This will help transform your everyday approach to how you act, and equip you to face life's challenges in practical ways. Here, you won't find methods that promote artificial behavior or a by-the-numbers approach. Such an approach forces on an ill-fitting uncomfortable suit or dress of behavior and action that doesn’t get more comfortable even as you practice the methods. It doesn’t match with who and where you are at the time, and it creates artificially high standards at which you may be more likely to fail in achieving than succeeding.

You might already have experience of this. At the end of it all, you are left feeling a little less worthy than before—or you may tend dismiss the whole thing as a nice uplifting read but something that is unachievable. Either way, it is frustrating.

The 'standard' methods advised in self-development books remain out of sync with you, because you are not standard.

You are unique and keep changing dynamically. This is not that type of a 'method' book. As you read on you will find your life-approach changing organically to harmonize with your understanding of what you need to do.

There is no pressure here that might make you drop out of the process, and no room for disappointment. There is enough here to inspire you to work at solving the mysteries of karma and consequences, to effectively better your life. There are prizes to be won in life. You will find what you need for that in this book with many levels and degrees of options available for you to explore.

Next - excerpts from Chapter 2 - 'The Mystery of Karma'

Aug 02, 2017

The Karma Challenge - 2 obstacles

Excerpts from Nalin Nirula's forthcoming book--

Cracking the Karma Code for Winning in Life.

The First Edition, First Printing of this lavishly produced, faux leather hard cover gold embossed personally signed Collector's Edition will be available in October, 2017.

Published by NNP

Watch this space for more excerpts and announcements.

Excerpts from Chapter 1 - The Karma Challenge

There are two major obstacles in approaching the karma theory. First, there is a lack of understanding what it is, or even whether there is such a thing at all as karma or destiny. The second difficulty is the common and popular misunderstanding that the nature of destiny is fixed.

Sometimes under the pressure of unfavorable circumstances, or under a feeling of having the power to act in a particular way advantageous to us, we act greedily, or thoughtlessly, unlawfully, and even fearfully. When that brings troublesome results later, we lament our fate as being undeserving victims.Then we tend to say, "Oh, it's our karma, what can we do?" as though we are helpless.

'My karma' means I can do something to change it!
Actually this, 'it is my karma' statement should be very encouraging to us. If we caused it, we should certainly be able to fix it. While this is not fixable in the long term by manipulative measures we might try, the good news is that it is decisively and permanently fixable with some special outside help. I will explain this further on in greater detail and tell you how you can get this special help.

The next chapter, The Mystery of Karma, explores and scientifically establishes that there is, indeed, such a thing as karma or action based destiny. However, we can get an understanding of this now with the following simple example.

Just as you might have indigestion or other ailments because of the action (or karma) of improper eating, you also have the option of doing the karma of seeking medical help, along with rectifying your eating habits to cure the problem. Similarly, if someone is a smoker they reduce their health and lifespan by that activity.

If the same person abstains from smoking, they can add healthy years and extend their lifespan as compared to the outcomes of smoking-related illness and a shortened lifespan. From this we can understand that karma is not absolutely fixed for all things and there is scope for adjustment by our actions. What might be the limitations of these simple self-help measures needs to be seen as well...

(To be continued)

Aug 01, 2017

The Karma Challenge

Excerpts from Nalin Nirula's forthcoming book--

Image for illustration purposes only

Cracking the Karma Code for Winning in Life.

The First Edition, First Printing of this lavishly produced, faux leather hard cover gold embossed personally signed Collector's Edition will be available in October, 2017.

Published by NNP

Watch this space for more excerpts and announcements.

Chapter 1 - The Karma Challenge

For millennia mankind has been occupied with satisfying the fundamental and desirable needs of life, while raising the question of what are life's higher purposes and how to achieve them.

The religious creeds and cultural practices of civilizations have developed out of these questions. How to overcome challenges in being successful in achieving these goals has long been a matter of debate and discussion.

While many man-made formulas and methods have been given, there is always a gap between what these propose and what we are willing and able to do. The ideal solution is not always the practical solution.

The problem with a formula approach
The real world mismatch between theory and the application of it makes it difficult to give standardized solutions. Each one of us have their own limitations of being able to apply these rules consistently and sufficiently to their lives, and when things happen outside the improvement methods proposed, we are ill-prepared for it.

From among the best of what has been recommended on this subject, my understanding is that only the theory of karma offers a comprehensive plan of how one needs to act to be successful in all areas of life. Karma is more than just a theory. It is a way to connect to the best of what life can offer us. Therefore it is known as the science of karma yoga—linking to the source of the universal principles of cause and effect that govern how things work in the universe and our lives.

Practical Yoga
Karma yoga demonstrates a way of life that gives benefits in the short and long term, and properly accounts for what may appear to be failures. Working with the teachings of the karma theory gives individuals an advantage of prudently managing their life while providing for future benefits.

We could compare this to a financially prudent plan of saving money to provide for future contingencies. In karma theory this would be equivalent to taking actions which would not jeopardize our future while improving our present life. This includes avoiding certain actions which we might ordinarily do without such an understanding. Knowledge about this can prevent major downsides in our lives in addition to increasing the upside.

There are two major obstacles in approaching the karma theory...

(To be continued)

Jul 29, 2017

Almond milk 'phirni' dessert

Here is an almond milk based recipe for my favorite rice based dessert--'Phirni'.

Traditionally made with dairy milk, I developed a recipe using almond milk, for a delicious phirni. Try this great dessert, without the harmful effects of the dairy milk product.

It is not as heavy in calories as the dairy recipes, but is still somewhat rich.

Phirni (serves 4)


  • 1/2 Liter Almond Milk (Natural flavor)

  • 5 level Tablespoons (Tbsp) raw rice flour (85 gm)

  • 7 level Tablespoons granulated sugar - (210 gm)

  • 2 drops kewra essence

  • 3 or 4 strands of saffron

  • Garnish:
    • 6 slivered almonds (12 gm), 3 slivered pistachios (5 gm) [A total of about 1 rounded tablespoon]

    • 3 Moti Illaichi (Black cardamom) seeds

Blend rice flour with about 100-150 ml almond milk. Set aside.

Heat balance of the almond milk in a saucepan to simmer; lower flame and add rice flour-almond milk mixture, sugar and saffron.

Cook over low flame stirring constantly to prevent lumps from forming.

When mixture thickens enough to coat the spoon, remove from heat.

Blend in kewra essence.

Pour into a large serving dish, or individual dishes, and garnish with almond and pistachio flakes or slivers, and the black cardamom seeds.

Cool to room temperature and refrigerate. Serve cold and enjoy by itself, or along with a cup of herbal tea or decaf coffee!--Nalin Nirula

Jul 14, 2017

The Universal Form of Krishna - BG 11.1 to 14

In response to Lord Krishna's conclusive statement in chapter 10, that He pervades the entire cosmic manifestation and sustains it, Arjun ask how Lord Krishna is simultaneously present in bodily form in front of him while being eternally present in the universe. Arjun requests to see the Universal Form of Krishna; the significance of blind King Dhritrasthra hearing this description is that it is meaningful for us as well.

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Jul 04, 2017

The power of prayer and the call to action

When people pray for desired results, they need to work for the results as well. Prayers alone don’t work because action is needed to power up the prayed for results. Just praying without doing one's part only increases helplessness.

Sometimes we pray for relief expecting that a miracle will change things for us, or our close circle of family and friends. Often we desire this change so that we may be relieved of some burden of responsibility for our wellbeing or that of others.

The unrealistic expectation of change should be dropped when one is either not in a position to enforce the change, or to make the change. Instead of thinking that prayers have failed, it should be understood that the expectations are unrealistic as no work has been done to make the prayers come true.

The true power of prayer is that it can help focus on what is needed to be done, and give direction and enthusiasm on how to do it.

Prayer can become the support that drives efforts forward, or it can become as a crutch of the handicapped upon which one becomes forever dependent and helpless to act responsibly.

We need to decide which category we fall into—the confident self-reliant moving forward with a clear cut goal in sight, or the helpless crutch-dependent with no relief in sight. Our inner attitudes make all the difference to where we finally end up. Prayers or no prayers, results don’t come without taking the needed action.

The power of prayer can give direction to our work and make it a success--or it can keep us on our knees forever.

Nalin Nirula

Jun 21, 2017

It's no laughing matter. Really.

Over the last weekend a group of our healer family invited me for a fun evening out to Cyberhub in Gurgaon. We had a great vegan dinner at Burma & Burma followed by a laugh-a-minute show at the nearby Canvas Laugh Club.

Funnily, (in more ways than one!), this Monday I came across an article by Dhirendra Kumar of Value Research Online that touched on a very interesting subject--that of bank salespersons giving investment advice.

He used a Laugh Club YouTube video to illustrate his point about how a great deal of mis-selling takes place by bank salespersons to their customers.

You can read the article and see the video clip on his website by clicking on the image above or this link. Stand up comic Sumit Anand has some interesting things to say about bankers and their investment advice from his experience working in banks. Enjoy!

Nalin Nirula

Jun 19, 2017

Max Monday - Max the benefit of your prayers!

The most powerful prayer for help is the one that leads us to take responsibility for doing what is needed.

When we pray, our responsibilities don't end with that. Staying in the same position or a mind-set that keeps us stuck wherever we are is not going to help, no matter how much we pray.

We have to be ready to step away from things that are keeping us stuck.

That includes dropping expectations and promises that keep us marking time in the same place. Remaining with the comfortable doesn't help us progress much. Stretching our muscles for doing new things gives us new insights and opens up new possibilities. That is where greater benefits lie.

It is natural to stay with the tried and tested as long as those things are beneficial, but we tend to linger even when benefits dwindle. Recognizing that things that are no longer so beneficial need to be supplemented by or even replaced by other things is a good place to start. Doing something to increase what is more useful is even better.

Nalin Nirula

Jun 15, 2017

Seminar Schedule For 2017

JULY 2017 Seminar Schedule & Announcements * Saturday-Sunday Seminars: REIKI 1 - July 15-16 * KQ 1 - July 22-23 * The KQ 1 seminar pre-requisite is Reiki 1 * August 15 Celebrations..

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Jun 09, 2017

"To be or not to be in the healers group…"

For two years now I have supervised a community healing group on WhatsApp where we could collectively channel healing for requests made by healers. By all accounts this has been most effective for improvement in individual destinies.

Some time ago the community of healers in Delhi expressed a desire that a formal financial energy exchange should be made to me for this. Although healers had suggested much higher amounts, I reduced it to make it affordable for all.

After this, a number of healers questioned why this energy exchange should be given to me since other healers were also participating in channeling the healing and not getting any energy exchange. (In fact, I find only a handful of healers regularly channel healing to this healing group.) These questioning healers have forgotten what it means to be of direct service to the spiritual master, and polluted by material vision have taken this interaction as a material transaction only.

Still others opined that those who 'don’t want to' or 'can't afford' to contribute should remain in the group. While we know only of a few who might not be able to afford the contribution, there appear to be many who "don’t want to", for mainly the reason given.

This shows there are some healers who equate the spiritual leader or master at the same level as themselves. Further, "free" benefits are acceptable to these individuals, while their having to pay something in return for benefits received here is not within their capacity to give, even if they can afford it. Among them are also those who still consider it more important to fund fear-based religious systems even though they do not get the benefits there compared to what the healing energy and group provides.

As had come up in our discussions with healers, this was the beggarly attitude that Dr. Mikao Usui experienced when giving free healing, which led to him formulate the principle of energy exchange.

Without this, there was no change of heart of the recipient nor any great change in their karma.

This false-ego aspect, arrogance, being judgmental and envious towards the spiritually advanced are causes for the lack of progress.

  • This is not about whether healers join this group or not. It is about revelations of ignorance about their own position and their attitude towards the spiritual master. Still, it is healable if the individual wants. Giving some energy exchange where benefits have been received has always helped me progress. You make your own choices based on your understanding.

Actions are always more indicative of where one is coming from rather than platitudes, lip service and expressions of devotion.

Whether you are part of this group or not, you may still message me individually as before for any healing requests, and I will continue to channel healing to you. Separately, you may also get together with other like minded people to support each other in your own healing group.

Wishing you progress, wellness and health,

Nalin Nirula

Jun 05, 2017

Max Monday - Make your tomorrow anxiety-free

You can remove anxieties about tomorrow by taking care today.

Jun 02, 2017

Announcing the Sundowner Evenings

We are pleased to announcing the opening of bookings for the Sundowner evenings with Master Nalin Nirula. Those who are paid-up subscribers to the True North Healers group are eligible to attend.

E-mail your 3 preferred dates of attendance in order of preference to me at my e-mail address.

Preference will be given on a first-come e-mail intimation basis and on the basis of early subscription to the group. You may contact me for clarifications, however we do need your e-mail confirmation of your preferred attendance dates.

Looking forward to your early registration.

Best Regards,

Ajay Sharma
E-mail: ajayslc@gmail.com
Mobile: 98113-70788, Landline: 2411-4694, 2411-5990 (extn. 24)

E-mail ajayslc@gmail.com giving your 3 attendance dates in order of preference

*** Send your updated contact details to : info.ttnhc@gmail.com, register for the Healers Group and receive your Sundowner invitation ***

May 29, 2017

Max Monday - Concern for family

The boundary between concern and over-concern is easily crossed over to the disadvantage of all.

Good intentions notwithstanding, much damage can be caused by forceful imposition of one's ideas of 'correctness' or 'right action' upon another. If there is an inability to enforce this then it is better not to attempt it, because it shows one's helplessness, and the other can use it to their perceived advantage.

In such a scenario there are more losers than winners.

Nalin Nirula

May 27, 2017

A Sundowner get-together announcement for the True North Healers Group

*** Send your updated contact details to : info.ttnhc@gmail.com, register for the Healers Group and receive your Sundowner invitation ***

Dear Healers,

We have received e-mail address updates for a little more than half the WhatsApp Healers group. Those who have not yet sent updated information may please do so immediately.

This information is needed for us, particularly to issue invitations to a Sundowner evening with Master Nirula in June. Those who sign up for the Healers Group by June 1 will be eligible to attend. If there are those who are not in Delhi that day due to any reason--there will be another get-together for that group on a suitable date.

Those who have signed up already for this group may consider themselves pre-invited; an invitation with details will be sent through e-mail. If you have any queries, you may contact me. (Click here for more.)

Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Ajay Sharma
Mobile: 98113-70788, Landline: 2411-4694, 2411-5990 (extn. 24)

*** Send your updated contact details to : info.ttnhc@gmail.com, register for the Healers Group and receive your Sundowner invitation ***

May 25, 2017

Reminder - Healers Group Subscription

Reminder:Your local or international subscriptions for the private WhatsApp True North Healers group may be sent by PayPal directly in the Indian or International currencies equivalent to INR 6,000 that is available through this PayPal link:) - or by clicking on the image below - This payment includes all taxes and you don't pay any fees.

Payments may also be made by cash, credit and debit card at the Center against issued receipt. Cheque, RTGS, NEFT payment are also accepted in our bank account (details in the right column).

Membership from June 1, 2017 will be on a paid subscription basis. Those not wanting to be on this group may leave the group at any time before June 1. Subscriptions must be in by May 31and will all be valid until May 31, 2018. After that date, those not on the group or those wishing to rejoin may contact the undersigned.

Yours Sincerely,

Ajay K. Sharma
Mobile: 98113-70788, Landline: 2411-4694, 2411-5990 (extn. 24)

May 23, 2017

The Infinite Opulence of the Absolute (Krishna) - BG 10 - Conclusion

All that great, wonderful, powerful and beautiful come from a small part of Krishna. With just a spark of Himself He spreads throughout the universe and sustains it.

Whatever talent or great or wonderful or beautiful or admirable thing we see in someone--all of these are coming from Krishna's opulence only. We have borrowed these or reflect His greatness in any great thing we do. The actions we take however, are not to Krishna's account but to ours and we experience results of our actions accordingly.

Being our dearest friend, Krishna accompanies us through all lifetimes and bodies wherever we go and does not participate in our experiences of sorrow and happiness, but is always looking to guide us back to Him.

Click to go to the Bhagavad Gita for All Lectures

May 22, 2017

Annual Subscription to the True North Healers Group

Your International subscriptions for the True North Healers group may be sent by PayPal directly in the following International currencies equivalent to INR 6,000 (also available to send in INR by clicking this link) - or on the image below - This payment includes all taxes and you don't pay any fees.

  • INR 6,000/-

  • GBP - 72/-

  • US $ - 93/-

  • Israeli Shekel (ILS) - 333/-

The period covered will be from now until May 31, 2018.

May 22, 2017

Max Monday - Max your karma enjoyably!

A Super Sunday oil-free vegan Chinese lunch cooked and hosted by Dr. Sabrina Sabharwal at her residence on May 21.

Fun foods for family and friends includes sociable gatherings that promote personal bonding. Where the group includes healers who cook and bless the food and then share it, generates a happy and satisfied demeanor.

This sharing of the blessings of the Divine or prasad, goes far to change the balance of one's destiny towards the spiritual in a most enjoyable way.

May 20, 2017

Announcement - Attention: WhatsApp True North Healers Group

We had been planning to shift from the WhatsApp healing request group to a different platform, and had been exploring 'Slack'. However, we didn't find Slack to be suitable in its present form. We are still exploring other platforms as well as a proposal for creating a specific app for our private healing group.

  • In the meanwhile, as previously announced, membership to this healing group shall be on an annual paid subscription basis. This shall be valid from now until May 31, 2018, as announced on the WhatsApp True North Healers group, and the social group.

    At Rs. 16.44 per day, (Rs. 6,000 per year), the subscription costs less than a bottle of drinking water per day. We are confident that as you have found great life-changing value of this service in the past, you will have no hesitation in subscribing to this service.

  • Kindly send in your annual payments of Rs.6,000/- (including all taxes) per member/per phone ID registered to: The True North Health Center, as according to the details for remittances in the column on the right. Please note that each WhatsApp number on the group is considered as one membership. Your membership will start immediately on receipt of payment and is renewable on or before May 31, 2018.
    • You may pay by cash at the Center against receipt, or through debit or credit cards.
    • Checks drawn on any bank made in favor of The True North Health Center with our account number at the back of the check can be deposited in any HDFC Bank branch in India for direct credit to us.
    • NEFT, RTGS transactions direct to our account bank may also be made (see right column). In such cases please include in your remittance form the purpose as "Annual Healing Group-June 2017".

  • If you are not a healer connected to the Center, but need healing, you may contact us for healing requests - Call Ritu Uttam: mobile: 98110-78550, 85276-72345.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Ajay K. Sharma
Mobile: 98113-70788, Landline: 2411-4694, 2411-5990 (extn. 24)

May 19, 2017

Potatoes increase insulin sensitivity benefiting diabetics, and are great as infant formulas! (check with your pediatrician)

The humble potato is a healthy addition to one's diet provided it is taken in its natural unprocessed form. Potatoes have an undeserved bad rap as being fattening or being bad for blood sugar levels because of the common practice of being cooked with fats and oils which are the 'fattening' part--not the potatoes themselves. The added fats increase insulin levels and insulin resistance upsetting the blood sugar balance. The human body is designed to run mainly on starch such as found in potatoes, cereals and grains--not oils or protein.

Potatoes fully satisfy the body's protein requirement of 10% protein of food calories recommended by the NAL USDA database.

  • Potatoes have a massive 10.3% protein content of total calories, 0% fat and 84% carbohydrates, significant amounts of the vitamins C and B6, and Potassium and manganese, and fiber.

  • The WHO and UN originally developed baby feed formulas made entirely from potatoes for use where infants are allergic to dairy milk, or where dairy milk is not available easily. This is a better alternative than the soy based baby formulas. Here is a link for one such commercially available formula for infants--Nutramigen from Enfamil. (Always check with your pediatrician about the suitability of such formulas for your child.)

Potatoes have great nutrition value and a low overall calorie count with zero fat in it. A human being can actually live a healthy life on a diet of just potatoes, and this has been experimentally verified time and again.

In fact, the Ridley Scott movie The Martian (2015), made with the cooperation of NASA, uses this scientific fact for its fundamental premise that its astronaut (played by Matt Damon) stranded alone on Mars, survived for 560 days on a diet predominantly consisting of potatoes before being rescued.

Potatoes help control blood sugar
Potatoes contain resistant starch (RS), which is starch that is not digested by the body but helps in improving blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. RS also improves beneficial gut bacteria and helps in reducing appetite by increasing fullness factor. In that way it acts like fiber in diet, but with these additional benefits. The best way to cook potatoes is by baking or steaming (or boiling).

Chilling cooked potatoes increases the RS content.

For a great tasty satisfying meal or snack try this--Cold boiled potatoes with puffed rice and roasted chickpeas garnished with chopped tomatoes, onions, pickled cucumber, salt and pepper. This is one of my favorite any time snack!

So go ahead and explore the healthy world of potatoes fearlessly for improved health!

To read more about potatoes and health benefits click here.

May 12, 2017

Walking in the Spiritual World -Chanting & Healing; Depression, Escapism; 'Nam-myoho renge kyoh'

Healing Thursday conversation - April 27, 2017

The material world is an upside-down reflection of the spiritual world - Connect to the spiritual thru the Holy Names, and the universal life force--Reiki.

Our walk continues in the spiritual world but there the center is Krishna. It is a very different world. There are transformations of the body without death…everything is spiritual—body, mind, everything.

In the beginning of one's contact with healing and chanting of the Holy Names, there is a tendency to want to do nothing else and that is fine. It is a kind of escapism—but also a feeling of joy which one doesn’t want to end because you are connecting to the Divine.

Reiki or Brahminical connection is an impersonal universal life-force energy, while chanting the Mahamantra you connect with the personal form of Krishna and that is superior. In the Reiki process you are not told about the Source of the energy initially, but as you progress, that understanding is given. In the Christian tradition the spirit is this energy, while the father is God or Krishna, and the son is the individual soul.

May 10, 2017

A Vegan Diet Reduces Cancer Risk by 80%

I was recently forwarded an article that was about how a vegan diet alone can reduce cancer risk drastically. This is in line with the fact that while milk is considered 'vegetarian', it actually triggers cancer according to the findings of many researchers like Drs. T. Colin Campbell, Esseltyn, John McDougall, Dean Ornish and others. (To read more about this click on the PDF link--Reversing Degenerative Diseases in 14 Days or Less).

The research article I got notes that following a vegan diet for as little as 2 weeks makes a significant difference to the health picture. This is what we have also found in our treatment of chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease and PCOS. Following this protocol also gives a healthy weight loss while increasing energy levels.

To take an appointment for reversing chronic disease or for improving overall health contact the True North Health Center for appointments at the phone numbers in the column on the right.

To read this article with the scientific research references--Click here.

May 08, 2017

Max Monday - Unfinished business

Getting an empowering connection to Reiki helps us to responsibly change our lives. Get this karma-changing empowerment this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, 13-14th May.

May 06, 2017

KQ Webinar this evening - 6:30 to 8:00 pm (IST) - Saturday May 6

The KQ webinar this evening will be held at A-14 Anand Niketan from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Studio Lounge.

The Webinar link details will be sent to the registered participants individually by SMS.

Apr 29, 2017

Bhagavad Gita for All

PayPal link set up for your convenience for direct payment contributions for the Bhagavad Gita Lectures/webinars and audios on this page.

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Apr 24, 2017

Max Monday - Another's problem is about them not me

Apr 17, 2017

Max Monday - The What & How of success

Looking at what others are successful at instead of the how of their success, is the greatest cause of failure.

Apr 10, 2017

Max Monday - Getting breathless

The cure for some types of breathlessness is to slow down and pay attention to what we we are doing.

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Arrest & Reverse chronic degenerative diseases without medicine!

When you ask "What can I do...?"--here is a Do-Wop style reminder for you!

Healers--Download the Revised Attitude of Gratitude given on December 1, 2014 by clicking on the image below.

Here is a HAPPY DAY song for you!
Press the player button to hear (and sing along!)
"Zindagi mein tarakki karo..."

You can download the Thoughts post of May 16, 2013, "Defeating Desires and Cravings", as a convenient PDF e-book with or without the audio version.

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Download printable PDF of Thoughts (242 Kb)

Download printable PDF of Thoughts with playable Audio files (*Large file--1.9 MB)

Right Click to download and save 12.7 MB printable e-book with playable mp3 audio files

Special e-book-- "Making Sense of My Life", Elaborates on the meaning of the Healing Song of Purpose guidance for: Getting information and knowledge, Decoding information for right action, Tackling life situations effectively.

(12.7 MB file) Right Click to download printable PDF 'Making Sense of My Life'. (For opening the mp3 attachments, click on the paper clip icon at the bottom left corner of the PDF)