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True North Healing Centre

A-14 Anand Niketan,

New Delhi- 110021.

Landline: +91-(011) 2411-4694,

2411-3990, 2411-5990

Mobile : 8527-90-2345, 8527-67-2345

(Monday-Saturday, 10am - 6pm)

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Upcoming Seminars

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Special 1+1

(Healers bring a guest)

Dec 21,

7:15pm – 8:30pm

*No charges,

Registration required



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External Healing


Jan 2 – 5, 2018

Delhi 1 Day Seminar

Jan 7, 2017

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Bhagavad Gita

Every Saturday

8:15am– 9:00am

*Attend online available


Healer Assembly

Every Thursday

8:15am– 9:00pm

*Only for healers