Dhanteras and Diwali 2013
Mahuratams and Methods

Get your Special Healing Devices Empowered with Dhanteras and Diwali Healing and Wealth Building Energies for the Year Ahead

The Mahurata time is auspicious for purchasing good luck gold, silver, other precious metals and gems and keeping these in your money-place to attract more fortune.

Also, buy a new utensil for your puja--scroll down to see this important note. Click here to scroll down for background information about this festival.

Diwali – Sunday, 3rd November, 2013

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Mahuratams (Auspicious times) for Blessings and Benefits


Checklist of Materials needed
for Dhanteras and Diwali Puja:

  1. Red cotton cloth
  2. Small pan or kadhai (wok)--This has to be a new previously unused utensil* (see important note)

  3. Small bowl or lota

  4. Uncooked Rice

  5. Sugar

  6. 5 whole betel nuts (supari)

  7. 21 whole kamal gattas (lotus seeds)

  8. Ganga jal (holy water)

  9. Silver brick of 25 gms or 50 or 100 gms, with perfectly straight edges and 90 degree corners (no substitutes for this are possible).

  10. A number of Silver Laxmi-Ganesh coins (10 gms or more) and a deity form of Laxmi-Ganesh (or substitute a Laxmi-Ganesh coin for the deities).

  11. Empowered 11 Dhanteras Candles (empowered by the Masters and available at the address below), or 11 other available pink and purple candle.

Get your Special Healing Devices energized with Dhanteras and Diwali opulence energies.


  • On Dhanteras: Place on a red cloth a new kadhai/pan or other suitable utensil filled with rice.
    On the rice place 5 whole suparis (betel nuts) and 21 kamal gattas (lotus seeds).
  • In a bowl or lota fill ganga jal and sugar. Place lota on the rice, put silver coins for Diwali pujan in the lota, then offer flowers or flower garland on the lota (not in it). On the right side of the lota as you face it, place the silver brick (25 or 50 or 100 gms), and on the left side place Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji’s deity-form or a Laxmi-Ganesh silver coin.
  • Light the specially empowered Dhan Teras Candle – Light for 2 hours morning-evening on Dhanteras (and next 2 days as well, chanting the mantras given).
  • Next day, on choti Diwali (one day before Diwali), add honey in the lota in which you had put the sugar and gangajal.
Diwali 2011 Message and Downloadable Mantras

  • On Diwali morning add ghee, milk, curd in the lota.
  • On Diwali evening, take out all the coins and place in a thali. Do the Diwali coins puja -- offering panchamrit (ghee, curd, milk, honey and gangajal), kesar-tilak, mithai, flowers, kamal gattas on the coins. Then do Lakshmiji’s puja & aarti, include lighting the four-wick 'chaar-mukhi' oil-diya lamp. (Aarti From Chanting Book).
  • In front of the new utensil or kadhai/pan*, light Laxmi ghee-lamp and Dhan Teras candles on all 3 days – Dhan Teras, Choti Diwali & Diwali. Chant these special Diwali mantras throughout these days and also use them frequently over the year for empowerment and blessings from Ganesh ji & Lakshmi ji.
  • Then after Diwali pujan, leave the ghee lamp and 'chaar-mukhi' diya lamp lit and allow to burn out as the oil and ghee runs out.

  • Next morning after Diwali, put all the coins away in a red cloth bag after wiping with tissue, in your money place Do not wash the coins. (The next year before Dhanteras puja you can wash the coins and repeat the procedure as given here.)

    Place kamal gattas and suparis in a separate bag and also keep in your money-place.

  • The day after Diwali - The rice from the new utensil, kadhai/pan* to be placed in the kitchen rice container in the afternoon and it must never be used to the last grain. (As the rice is used up, periodically top up the container with more rice.)

  • * Important note -- Retain some of the rice to cook in the same new kadhai/pan in which you had kept the rice. Cook it 1 day after Diwali (Goverdhan puja day) and share with your family. This will activate abundance energies for all family members for the year going forward.

    There is a popular misconception that it is 'lucky' to buy any metal container like a steel tumbler or implement like spoon to activate good fortune for the year.

    This does not happen unless the proper procedure as described is followed, ending with the cooking of rice in the same container as was used in the puja, and then distributing it to family members. (The larger the container, the better!)

  • Up to Checklist

  • Always keep rice container full by adding new rice for the whole year – In 2009 the day before next Diwali empty the rice container – clean it and then add the new puja rice to your kitchen rice container.
Wishing you a happy, prosperous and joyous year ahead!

Next Dhanteras and Diwali repeat the entire process. You may share this information with others--refer them to this website or give them a printout.

In addition to the mantras at the link below, this is a special Mantra for all 3 days--Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, and Diwali:

Chant 108 times

|| Namastestu Mahamaye, Shri Pitthe Sur-Pujite

Shankha Chakre Gada Haste, Shri Maha Lakshmi Namostute ||

Dhanteras starts a 5 day festival

  • Blessings for health, long life and wealth flow from this healing opportunity.
'Dhanteras' or 'Dhantriyodashi', celebrates an auspicious festival leading upto Diwali. It takes place annually on the 13th day (triyodashi) of the dark fortnight of the moon phase (krishna paksh) in the month of Kartik (October-November).

Dhanateras is the first day of a 5 day festival that ends with Govershan puja. The sequence is: (1) Dhanteras, (2) Naraka Chaturdasi or Choti Diwali, (3) Badi Diwali that takes place on Amavasya -- new moon or dark moon night, and which is celebrated with lights and fireworks, heralding the triumphant return of Lord Rama to his city of Ayodha after conquering the evil genius Ravana, (4) Kartik shuddha padyami or Goverdhan puja, and (5) Yama dvitiya -- Bhai Dooj whereby a brother visiting his sister receives blessings for long life and protection. This last follows the event when Lord Yama (Lord of Death) visited his sister Yamuna and she greeted him with great honor and respect, garlanding him and offering him sweets and other pleasing foods.

On this day in different eras great healings took place. Lord Dhanvantri--the physician to the demigods appeared on this day from the churning of the Causal Ocean.

Now mostly the Dhanateras celebration is popularly connected to the event where Lord Yama spared the life of a man who was to die untimely, thanks to the wife’s intervention who invoked the energies of the wealth goddess--Sri Lakshmi devi.

The wife knew of the impending death due to take place that night by Lord Yama who was to appear in the form of a poisonous snake. So she arranged a display of gold and silver and precious gems and kept her husband awake by singing songs and telling stories.

Lord Yama came in the form of a snake to kill the husband, but was so mesmerized by the lamplight reflecting off the treasure, that he came and sat silently on the treasure. He was so fascinated by the stories and songs sung by the young woman that he stayed quietly listening to her. At daybreak, Lord Yama left without killing the young man.

Since that time it is considered very auspicious to commemorate that event by praying to Sri Lakshmi by chanting appropriate mantras and invoking her wealth energies through gold, silver and other precious metals and gems.

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Don't sweep or mop away your good fortune at Diwali time!

Sweeping or mopping floors is to be avoided from one day before Diwali until the day following Diwali.

Why is this?

This is to maximize benefits from this special Diwali healing season.

  • We see that special abundance and blessings energies start flowing into the house or workplace on Choti Diwali day (one day before Diwali), and prepare the premises for receiving maximum benefit energies on the Diwali night following.
  • On Diwali night the Lakshmi-charan energies enter the prepared home and leave behind specific energies of Lakshmi Devi that bless the occupants with 6 types of opulences (aishwarya).
  • These 6 opulences are: Knowledge, strength, beauty, name and fame, wealth, and detachment.
  • Sweeping of floors during this time will result in sweeping away most, if not all, of the benefits of this special occasion.