Diwali Mantras and Blessings 2014
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Diwali Mantras and Blessings

Click on the links below for the Mantras during this Diwali Season and for the rest of the year. Left click to read online or Right click and save the file to your computer.

*Caution note: Download and printout these mantras for yourself and immediate family. If others need these--refer them to this page and let them download and printout themselves. Please do not take the responsibility of handing out printed copies, nor e-mailing them the files due to karmic-debt exchange energies that would then get activated.

Download Diwali season mantras - October, 2014. (File distributed on 21.10.2014)

Download Diwali Mantras and Message from the Masters, October 23, 2014

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The Diwali Mantras on this PDF may be specially chanted in the Diwali period (2 days leading up to Diwali and Diwali day). You may also chant them through the year. The Narsingha Dev Mantra is specially powerful for protection against demoniac and harmful forces.


Click on image below or click here to go to Bhishma Panchak article, timings and mantras.

Click on image above or click here to go to Bhishma Panchak article, timings and mantras.

Message from the Healing Masters

Diwali, Thursday, October 14, 2012

Dearest Healers of the Light,

Let us all heal at the highest vibrations of the light and connect to “the Divine”, the creator of the universe and seek blessings that all our evil desires are removed and we always remain on the path of goodness and service to the light.

With all humility and devotion, and precise discipline, affirm that you acquire fulfillment and are led by your faith towards truth and more healing with compassion and generosity.

Today, on this auspicious day of Diwali, lets pledge to heal,

“Om Shubham Bhavatu”
Let everything be auspicious

“Om Saubhaagyam Astu”
Let there be wealth for all

“Om Twam Ishwar Kripa,
Vidwaan Shareer Atma Bala Yukta,
Kushalee Veeryavaan Varchasvee,
Tejasvee Aayushmaan Bhooyaah”

"By the grace of the Divine, we should all be learned, strong in body and soul, vigorous, pious, famous, prosperous, compassionate and devotional."

We wish you all a strong and long lived life, lived and celebrated with knowledge.

Our Love, Blessings, Healing
Protection for all.

Happy Diwali!

Nalin K. Nirula and Renoo Nirula

Download Diwali Mantras and Message from the Masters, October 23,2014'. (Right-click and save as To Download Diwali Message and Mantras for 2014)

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To "Diwali"

Don't sweep or mop away your good fortune at Diwali time!

Sweeping or mopping floors is to be avoided from one day before Diwali until the day following Diwali.

Why is this?

This is to maximize benefits from this special Diwali healing season.

  • We see that special abundance and blessings energies start flowing into the house or workplace on Choti Diwali day (one day before Diwali), and prepare the premises for receiving maximum benefit energies on the Diwali night following.
  • On Diwali night the Lakshmi-charan energies enter the prepared home and leave behind specific energies of Lakshmi Devi that bless the occupants with 6 types of opulences (aishwarya).
  • These 6 opulences are: Knowledge, strength, beauty, name and fame, wealth, and detachment.
  • Sweeping of floors during this time will result in sweeping away most, if not all, of the benefits of this special occasion.