Solar Eclipse Healing Opportunity
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't miss this solar eclipse healing opportunity. The special copper vessel. If you are unable to source this use a new copper vessel or pot.

Benefits of the procedure: Spiritual and wisdom evolution, health benefits (especially body aches, digestion, bone, circulatory and immune system problems), freedom from depression, avoidance and healing of quarrels and broken relationships, financial growth.

Get the following, to be used every day for 43 days from July 22, 2009 (that is, July 22 through September 2, 2009). Thereafter this procedure can be repeated every Sunday:

  1. First, obtain a copper vessel with the Gayatri Mantra inscribed in it. If you are not able to source this then use a new copper plate, pot or kalash.
  2. Red sandalwood powder (preferred), or Sindhoor (red powder)
  3. Red thread (or 'mauli'), longer than your index finger length
  4. Fresh red flower
  5. Any glass or ceramic or plastic bowl into which you will pour the offering to the sun. Instead of this you can use a potted plant as well. This is the collection vessel.


  • Place water mixed with a little Ganges water or other holy water in the special copper plate or vessel (as listed at #1 above) along with the ingredients 2 through 4 listed above.
  • Face the sun in the morning after the eclipse is over and offer to the sun holding the copper plate or vessel with both hands at a height above your chest (heart) level--slowly pouring out the water with its added ingredients which can be collected in the collection vessel or a potted plant. (Avoid splashing water on your feet or the ground.) Chant this mantra while pouring the offering: OM GHRINI SURYAYA NAMAH You can allow the collected water to evaporate before cleaning the collection vessel for use the next day. Remaining water and other remnants (flower, thread, powder) can be discarded anywhere convenient--dustbin, potted plant, garden, under a tree.
  • Repeat for 43 days from July 22 upto and including September 2, 2009.
  • Thereafter repeat the procedure every Sunday for as long as you like.
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