The Healing Center

"We Can Change Your Karma Today--
Are You willing to take the Responsibility?"

The Healing Center at A-14 Anand Niketan

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    If you still have a life-situation problem after you have tried everything you can think of--then think of the Nirula Healing-Center in New Delhi.

    • For real time karma healing help go here.

    At the Center we have been working since 1982 to change peoples' situations in all areas of life and living--

    • Health
    • Relationships
    • Opportunities, education, career, profession
    • Wealth, finance, abundance

    • Purpose of life

    We relieve and reverse problems using many deep karmic healing methods including special yagyas, upais (rectifications), empowered karmic healing, the KQ Force, Reiki healing and other techniques.

    The benefits of our karma changing healing methods and details of our programs and seminars here.

    You can also do something today to help yourself before you come to a seminar. You can start by using these change your karma techniques right away.

    For real time karma healing help go here.

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