Karma Success Tables

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Positive Timing Success Tips - "Gulika"

Activities (karma) during Gulika time leads to a positive end result.

One should try and use this time for starting important activities.

Gulika Positive Timing Table

Avoid Negative Timings to Get Success-1
"Rahu Kaalam"

Any Rahu Kaalam time activities initiated or undertaken during this period attracts delay, postponement and no conclusive result.

You could use this to your advantage if you want postponements and delays.

Rahu Kaalam negative timings to avoid

Avoid Negative Timings to Get Success-2

Yamagandam time activities lead to a failure or destruction end-result. Avoid this time as far as possible for any important activities. You might be tempted to use this time-slot to end some issue. However--it is dangerous to plan an activity during this time as the end- result could be a failure for you.

Yamagandam negative timings to avoid

Avoid Negative Directions to Get Success

Shoolam destination directions are to be avoided as the first outbound journey of the day from home or temporary residence. Shoolam time-destination direction activity leads to loss of positive physical and karmic energies.

Refer back to the previous article 'Success Tips' for more details.

Shoolam - negative directions to avoid

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