Monsoons Healing for Better
Than Normal Rains 2014 *


Download printable Monsoons PDF document here as given for 2012 (valid for 2013)--right click and save making appropriate date changes, OR-- Select the 2013 updated affirmation matter in the right column, Copy-Paste into a .txt or .doc/.docx document and save.

* June 11, 2014: Please use the format on this page to channel healing for 2014 monsoons, changing the dates to '2014' and '2015' where appropriate. There is less than a 21 day healing window for this, as rains are usually due end-June.


JUNE 17, 2013

We thank all those who participated in healing for better than normal rains in the country. The seasonal monsoon rains are much better than normal, having arrived in north India 10-12 days ahead of schedule. The river waters of the Ganga and Yamuna are positioned to cross the flood marks, and if this happens, then for those who are in the affected area, there will be danger to lives, homes and livelihoods.

*** Healers may use this healing opportunity to channel healing that: "The river over-flooding danger in India due to the better than normal monsoons is healed, and river waters do not break their banks, and should they do so, the flood waters cause no loss of life, homes or livelihood, and there is protection for all so due to be affected." (Additional healing may be chanelled according to guidance healers may receive.)

JUNE 3, 2013
After 4 years of dedicated healing by healers all over the world since 2009, the monsoons over the subcontinent for 2013 seem to be progressing well.

We request all healers to channel healing that the rainfall progresses well, with thanks to the healing, the elements and the administrators of universal affairs. The affirmations for 2012 may be used for 2013, (adjusting the dates, replacing '2012' with '2013', and replacing '2012-2013' with '2013-2014').


SEPTEMBER 27, 2012:

"Thank you Healers!" for helping heal and improve the monsoons beyond expectations.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012: "Thank you Healers!" for helping heal and improve the monsoons beyond expectations.
September 27, 2012
"This year's monsoon has evaded a nationwide meteorological drought due to a dramatic late turnaround, but some states have faced drought," said S. C. Bhan, a director at the Indian weather office in an interview with Reuters.

The Reuters article says,"India's monsoon will end in a few days with a widespread drought avoided, latest weather data showed, as the crucial rains picked up from the end of August to help summer-sown crops and boost prospects for the major food producer's winter grains harvest."

(Click here to read the full article in a new browser window.)

JUNE 25, 2012: Once again the current monsoon progress is somewhat slow. Calling all healers to send healing this year as well for better than normal monsoons. The downloadable PDF contains healing affirmations for monsoon rainfall healing.

*** Healers have been sending healing for a good rainfall over the Indian sub-continent since 2009. Their healing activities over the past 4 years have contributed greatly to the reversal of potentially deficient rainfall. We thank them for this great welfare work. ***

Here is our 2009 update and message from the Healing Masters Nirula:

Success of the past Monsoon healing (2009): As on September 30, 2009, the cumulative monsoons rainfall was 23% less than normal which is a great improvement over the disastrous and most likely -50% feared. We thank all the healers worldwide for their great healing work! Click here to see the met map for the cumulative monsoons rainfall (2009).

Update- June 30, 2009: The rains arrived over New Delhi today. Thanks to all for their healing work.

June 23, 2009

  • The rains over the Indian sub-continent are failing according to the UN World Met Office. There is the ground reality of almost 50% deficient rains on average so far over the Indian sub-continent.
  • We request all healers to send healing to rectify the situation using all of the affirmations given below. You may, of course, add to these as you may be guided. The affirmations drill down from the general to the specific--including the specific with the general means faster healing results.
    • Those not yet connected to karmic healing energies can also participate--just meditate on the 6 affirmations given below every day, forming a firm intention that these are manifesting.

  • In the affirmations we are referring to specific universal administrators by their official vedic administrative designations for immediate response and effect. (These are not names of 'Hindu gods'.)
  • We thank you for your participation in this great beneficial and welfare healing initiative.

    Blessings, love and light,

    Nalin K. Nirula and Renoo Nirula

    All healers should send DAILY healing in addition to longer-term healing, for at least 43 days or mid-August, whichever is later, and longer as may be needed.

    Download printable PDF document here for 2012--right click and save.

    • The affirmations for 2012 may be used for 2013, (adjusting the dates, replacing '2012' with '2013', and replacing '2012-2013' with '2013-2014').

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The Monsoon Healing Affirmations (updated for 2013)

All healers should use the maximum methods.

Please use all of the 7 affirmations with the appropriate AOG's (Reiki healers)/invocations, and various empowering symbols and methods given depending upon your empowerment qualifications.

Reiki healers may use the overlapping 21 day healing pyramid method for maximum effect. Healers who have done both KQ and Reiki may combine symbols and methods--keep it simple.

* * *

  1. The survival root chakra of the Indian sub-continent is healed and has expanded to a fully healthy condition. The administrator of the root chakra (Ganesha) has opened all doorways and removed all obstacles in the path of a better than normal monsoon over the whole area.
  2. Divine healing grace has resulted in a better than normal rainfall for the monsoon over the Indian sub-continent in 2013.
  3. The 2013 monsoons over the Indian sub-continent have made up the delay and are better than historical normal, with widespread rainfall over the whole area.
  4. All the elements and administrators of the elements have received sufficient healing that they have exercised a mandate for delivery of a better than normal monsoon-rainfall over the Indian sub-continent in 2013.
  5. The specific administrators for the oceans and space (Varuna); clouds and rainfall (Indra); wind (Pawan); and crop abundance (Kanak Lakshmi), have all received healing as has their work for benefitting mankind and all living entities, such that there is a better than normal monsoon-rainfall over the Indian sub-continent in 2013.
  6. The karma of the governments in power in the Indian sub-continent, and the karma of their leaders is sufficiently healed that there is more than normal rainfall over the Indian sub-continent in 2013.
  7. The karma of the citizens of all countries of the Indian sub-continent is healed so that there is no suffering to them on account of drought or low rainfall conditions in 2013 and 2014. Their karma is sufficiently healed that there is a better than normal rainfall this year, 2013.