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durga devi, yogamaya

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Who is Durga Devi?
Durga-devi is the generator and maintainer of the material universe and the universal mother form of the universe. She has many aspects, and her nine major aspects manifest during the 9 day and night navarati period, twice a year.

The September-October Navaratri is known as the 'maha' or great navaratri. This Maha Navratri or Sharad Navaratri celebrates Durga devi's destruction of the Mahishasura buffalo demon.

Devi is also known as Mahishasurmardini after this event--destroyer of the Mahisha asura (demon).

Mahishasura terrorized swarga-loka and prithvi-loka and took over the swarga planets defeating the universal administrators (devas). In her role as 'protector of the fortress' (durga-devi, 'durg' meaning fortress), she destroyed this demon and his forces in the course of the 9 days of the Maha Navratri.

What the 9 days and 9 nights of Navratri mean for all of us
As beings who live in devi-dham, the land of Durga devi, the nine nights Navratri period is an excellent opportunity to progress ourselves spiritually while living in the material zone.

We get an opportunity at this time to closely approach Durga-devi whose job it is to keep us in material illusion while she helps us to rectify our binding karma--To keep us under anesthesia (ignorance of our real state) if you will! Her blessings and permission help us to leave this zone once we have sufficient Super Karma Credits to our account.

  • Keeping the living entities in ignorance of their real state is a kindness of sorts. This is because knowledge of our real spiritual state without being able to approach the spiritual zone would be extraordinarily cruel and painful.

    Fortunately, there are spiritual methods now available to correct this. (Click here for more information on how to get a spiritual empowerment to become free of binding-karma.)

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    "Durga Devi is limited to the material expansion of the universe, while 'kleem' generates spiritual energies linking one to the Supreme Divine through the grace of Yogamaya-devi..."

Durga devi or 'Maya' is Yogamaya transformed
Durga devi or Mayadevi is the shadow form of transcendental Yogamaya who is constantly meditating on Govinda, the Supreme source of all sources.

Without spiritual empowerment however, one cannot reach the transcendental world where Yogamaya helps souls to serve Govinda, and become transformed as devotees of the Lord.

With this knowledge our karma healers can approach the Navratri period for their spiritual and material benefit. Using the healing empowerment measures as taught, the Navratri period will benefit you greatly, and help you to download the energies of red, gold and silver and prosper for now and the year ahead.

Maha Navratri Procedure to be followed for the 9 days to maximize utilization of the natural energy-flow environment

  • During this 9 day period it is recommended to avoid taking meat, fish, eggs, alcohol. Also fasting from onions, garlic, grains, lentils, legumes (beans) is recommended.

    If this is difficult, fasting from grains may be followed on the first and last navratri--of course following for all or most of the navratiris will benefit one the most and help us to ground negative energy and Karma sufficiently to live well.

More information about the spiritual seed mantra--kleem.

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