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"The Empire Strikes Back"

James Allen is a senior journalist who makes his home in Goa, and who is keenly interested in healing methods.

James comments on a wide variety of subjects, especially socio-economic and humanitarian issues.

We found his NowNews 'rant' about the antic-corruption movement interesting.

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The Anti Corruption movement

September 3, 2011
Looking at the recent background is in order—On August 27, the activist Anna Hazare forced the Indian government to agree in parliament to substitute their own draft anti-corruption bill with a strong one with key clauses laid down by Hazare. The government's bill had been widely viewed as being weak and which would foster corruption.

Hazare went on a hunger fast, borrowing from Gandhi's tactics against the British Empire in India—refusing all food for 12 days. He was initially arrested by the police and housed in New Delhi's Tihar jail. It was ironic that Hazare was kept in the same jail as some of the UPA government's own ministers and other functionaries who are under investigation for bribery and corruption, allegedly for multi-billion dollar scams.

The event, especially the inept government handling of the situation, drew huge television and news media coverage in India and abroad. The event rapidly became a popularly supported movement with people everywhere from all walks of life coming out on the streets and public places in the tens of thousands to join in Anna's methods and protest.

The government took a long time to understand that the movement was indeed a powerful force and also threat to them, and that they might be in a position to lose overall support in the face of the movement.

Over-reaction by the opposition and media
The opposition and media are quick to point out that the current heavy-handed repressive tactics are reminiscent of such tactics employed in the past by Indira Gandhi and successive Congress governments.

While this is as yet a premature and possibly unfair assessment, it seems the Congress-led government has a shorter memory than the people of India who fear a return to a dictatorial regime given the actions of the UPA government.

A government that is seen to be dictatorial, corrupt and against the interests of the people must eventually fail, even though it may have done some good. Finally, when pent-up emotions and feelings overpower all logic, emotional appeals win the popular vote.

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