Wellness & Healing Products

Casa Furnishings is pleased to associate with The True North Health Center to present healing and wellness products. Visit the Center at A-14, Anand Niketan, New Delhi-110021 for more.

The NEW Saturday Box! Now Available at the Center (August 2017)

This beautiful golden Saturday Box is hand painted by master artists from the holy city of Jagganath Puri.

Energized for abundance by the healing master Nalin Nirula.

Comes with complete instructions with special energization and wealth attracting seed money from Master Nirula. A great way to increase your small savings capacity with this box!

Or you can even build your own-- Click here to learn how do do this, and read more about what the Saturday Box can do for you.

Great Products Coming Soon for Diwali

Their Lordships Jagganath, Subhadra, Baladeva

Conceptualized by Nalin Nirula, all three deities on a single puja coconut. Painted in the traditional Puri style of Oddisha art by master artists of Jagganath Puri.

(Also available as a set of three individual deities)

Diwali, 2017

Limited quantities available. Book in advance by calling Ritu Uttam at the Center:

weekdays 10 am - 6 pm

Landline: (011) 2411-3990, 2411-5990

Mobile: 8527-67-2345

WhatsApp & Mobile on: 98110-78550

Conceptualized by Nalin Nirula, painted on a single puja coconut by master artists of Jagganath Puri.

(Also available separately as a pair)

Sri Sri Laxmi-Ganesh

(Laxmi-ji artwork in process)

Above- back of Laxmi-Ganesh