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Get empowered for Super Karma through a Reiki initiation over a weekend in New Delhi with the Karma-healing and Karma-changing Master Nalin K. Nirula.(Click here for schedule)

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  • Rei'ki initiation empowers one to be able to take direct action to change one's karma and destiny, upgrading the quality of life in every respect.
  • It also gives one the direct experience of loving oneself, of being loved and worthy, no matter what one's situation in life may be.

How Reiki can change your life

"Reiki" (Rei'ki) in Japanese is the 'universal life-force' energy of the Divine Heart that sustains all living entities in the universe. This is a spiritual life-force energy of exactly the same quality as the Brahma energy.

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Reiki initiation is a connection to those brahminical energies that empower one to be able to take direct action to change one's karma and destiny, upgrading the quality of life in every respect.

"You can Win from wherever you are today, in whatever state you are today--and be whatever you design for yourself..."

Further, you do not need a specific religious, faith, or belief system in order to benefit from this.

To know more about how Re'ki can change your life, go to this article: 'Easy to Understand Karma Theory'.

Reiki's 5 guiding principles

These 5 core principles help us in all situations of life and living. The short form stated here holds in it a wealth of expansion in terms of knowledge and guidance.*

Briefly stated these are:

  1. Just for today I shall live in an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Just for today I shall not fear.
  3. Just for today I shall not anger.
  4. Just for today I shall do my work honestly.
  5. Just for today I shall respect my parents teacher and elders (and all living beings including myself).

* Special Intensive 1 day seminar on the 5-principle for healers check on schedule page. (All level of healers, including KQ Force healers may attend).

Our Reiki Journey

Our journey with this most benevolent healing grace started in 1992 when we came across an explanation of the universal heart energy in an Alternative Therapy Seminar.

The need for life situation solutions
At the time, we had been following the sanatana-dharma system of self-development in our quest for a deep search for universal truths. The goal was to find a spiritual solution to life's problems much as commonly faced by everyone. We had experienced by then that purely materialistic solutions had very limited results.

Issues of relationships, emotional hurts, sadness, career paths, success and failure, one's purpose of life needed to be resolved in a big way. The accomplishments of higher education, success in career and family background did not quite resolve these issues satisfactorily.

The spiritual path of austerity
We came to the conclusion the only way to understand the workings and effects of a spiritual solution was to personally experience and follow a spiritual self-development path, which we did. As a family, we went through a 12 year period of following the Gaudiya Vaishnava path, first as taught by Bhaktivedant Swami of ISKCON and then by Sridhara Maharaj of the Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

We finally received spiritual empowerments in the form of hari-naam and brahmin initiations from Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj of the Chaitanya Saraswat Math, and progressed further in our spiritual evolution following the spiritual practices and austerities prescribed for a householder.

Graduating to the next level--Reiki
In 1992 we came in contact with a Rei'ki master and he briefly described what Rei'ki could do at an alternative healing conference. Hearing him we instantly understood that the essential karmic healing goals as we had studied and learnt in the vedic sanatana dharma system were embodied in the Rei'ki system in a practical way. This was a gigantic jump in our understanding of how we could change and heal our fate.

The Rei'ki system as we know it today was rediscovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui (15 August 1865 – 9 March 1926), in the late 1800's in Japan.

We celebrate the descent of Re'iki energies to Dr. Usui as on February 4, 1801 that finally appeared in the birth of Dr. Usui in 1865.

February 4 is the spiritual birthday of Dr. Usui, when every year very special karmic healing blessings energies manifest globally. (See article on Dr. Usui.)

In 1995 we were able to connect as a family with Rei'ki, and this was a great healing experience for us. That same year we received our Re'iki mastership empowerment and were able to convey this most blissful empowerment to others.

We continue to do so through our Seminars (go here for all our current karmic healing seminar schedules).

Reiki and other systems of self-development

  • We experienced directly that the sanatana dharma teachings for changing karma were put into practice through the Rei'ki initiations. It gave one the power to create one's positive destiny. It permitted us to change our life situations on a daily basis far more than experienced before.
  • Through Rei'ki, unconditional loving energy of the Divine are available for healing all kinds of suffering and unhappiness without any sectarian or religious discrimination.
  • Rei'ki neither contradicts nor conflicts with any path or system of self-development by whatever name called. Countless others have experienced the same thing.
  • We encourage everyone to receive this most powerful heart energy of the Divine and experience for themselves the mystic magical change that takes place in all activities of life and living.

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