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NEW - Eating Cure Cookery Classes

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Due to a long-standing demand we are holding a series of cookery classes that will demonstrate and participants taste, healthy disease-reversing vegan zero-fat foods. (Lunch is included).

Venue : A-14 Anand Niketan, New Delhi 110021

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Limited seats. For bookings call:  (Mob) - 85-276-72345

Landlines: 24113990, 24115990

How to Reverse Chronic Degenerative Diseases without medicine

The eating Cure seminar (in English) is open to all members of the public.
There is no pre-qualification requirement.

You can do more - Fast track yourself to health now...

Call the Center on weekdays between 11 am an 6 pm.

Take an appointment with Nalin Nirula, for a personalized assessment and disease reversal plan with the 'Extreme' Eating Cure Protocol  for advanced disease conditions.
Note: Patients having cancer will be treated provided they have been informed about the particulars of their disease.

(011)  24113990, (011) 24115990

  • Before attending the Seminar, watch this  video from Dr. Doug Lisle, PhD on "The Pleasure Trap" --the causes of food cravings and, how to beat them

Book an Eating Cure Cookery Class or an Eating Cure Meal Experience - For inquiries, call Ritu Uttam at: 8527-67-2345

What The Eating Cure Seminar is all about

  • The seminar consists of scientific and research based presentations about the origins and causes of food borne degenerative inflammatory diseases. * Cardio-vascular disease (CVD), cancer, diabetes, arthritis, PCOD, thyroid, allergies and other inflammatory diseases.

    All of these diseases can be reversed through the Eating Cure without medicines.

  • The Eating Cure program is scientific, tested and result-repeatable.
  • The solutions for reversal of these diseases will be developed through live presentations by Nalin Nirula. Special video presentations by Dr. John McDougall, available only through certified 'Starch Solution' instructor Nalin Nirula who will answer any questions you might have. Video by Dr. Doug Lisle on the psychological causes of food cravings and how to defeat them.
  • You will personally experience the soul-satisfying health promoting comfort foods that you have been told to deny yourself, and which foods will reverse your food borne degenerative, inflammatory diseases. Participant will be served delicious Eating Cure health-promoting snacks & lunch. (See typical seminar menu in the right column.)
  • Video cooking lessons for delicious, favorite foods will be shown--all made without any added fats or oils. *The oil-free 'water frying' method will be demonstrated.

    Video cooking lessons shown in the February 21 seminar:
    *Masala roasted potatoes * Vegetable & Mushroom Melange
    *North India Special 1 - from the Punjab--*Sarson ka saag and *Makki ki roti *Gajar ka Halwa
    *North India Special 2 - Kashmiri Haak ka saag (kadam or Kashmiri kale), served with Kerala Special - Matta rice, also known as black rice (25% bran).

    * +'How to read nutrition labels' *5 minute quick meals from meal carry-overs in your refrigerator. *Resources & Special cooking tips and recommended cookware.

  • Seats are limited to a total of 24 participants. (12 bookings x 2)
  • Pre-register in person or by phone.
    • Full payment in advance is required to book your seat. Seats will be confirmed on receipt of your full payment on a first-come first-served basis.

  • You may also pre-register for forthcoming Eating Cure seminars--Right Click here to download a current 2015 seminar schedule.

Nalin Nirula

The Eating Cure Seminar Plan

Part 1: The Origins & Development the Big 5 Chronic Degenerative Diseases – Detailed exploration of the causes of these diseases, the science and research.

Part 2: Reversing the Big 5 through a sustainable whole foods plant based diet. Meal plans, eating on the go, 5 minute meals, eating out at restaurants and at other functions and occasions.

Call the Center for bookings: 2411-3990, 2411-5990

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* Note: The seminar fee is a standard 1 day seminar fee as being charged at the Center. * The fee for 1 person includes a free seat for a second person.

  • Mr. Nalin Nirula requires that each attendee bring a second family member or associate so that there is another person within the attendee's support system to help, encourage and support reversal of ailments through the Eating Cure.

It is all about maximizing the degree of Cure and wellness--while having wonderful comfort foods!

Pre-registernow for the Seminar &

Get 1 FREE Seat (2 for the price of 1)


9:30 am- 6:30 pm

(Please be seated by 9:30 am)

  • The Eating Cure recipe foods will be served for lunch and as a snack

Reverse and cure the Big 5 Diseases (and more) with The Eating Cure: *Cardiovascular diseases *Diabetes *Arthritis, Lupus *Cancer, *Polycystic ovary syndrome, and other autoimmune inflammatory diseases. 

The Eating Cure is a Whole Plant Food Based (WPFB) Nutrition Seminar by Nalin Nirula:

“The Origins & Development of the Big 5 Chronic Degenerative Diseases, & their reversal and cure without medicine through a sustainable nutrition plan and diet.”

*Never feel deprived or at the mercy of food cravings.

*Enjoy many of the comfort foods you were told not to have, and experience the nourishment  and wellness they provide you.

*Enjoy a robust restoration to health and a renewed joy of life and living.

Autoimmune diseases are all food borne diseases and can be reversed significantly without medicine through a natural dietary plan that can be sustained easily.

The Eating Cure Seminar will equip anyone interested in reversing their own disease, or who is interested in learning more about the science, research, practical application for reversal of these diseases through a sustainable dietary eating plan.

The Eating Cure broad strokes plan to reverse chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases

  • Eat a whole plant food based diet, with an emphasis on starchy vegetables. Drink plenty of plain water.
  • Eliminate all processed foods, added oils and fats, milk and dairy, all non-vegetarian items and their derivatives in foods either at home, at restaurants, at functions, or store-bought foods. Avoid excessive coffee and tea which create acidity. (2 to 3 cups a day of green tea/herbal teas are fine.)
  • Eliminate all high sugar foods and drinks, chocolates.
  • Your whole foods plant based diet should be 50-60% starchy food (cereals and tubers like potato, sweet potato), 30-40% green and yellow and orange vegetables, and 10% fruits.
  • Following this diet strictly until you clinically reverse all signs of your disease means you don't have to count calories, nor is there a restriction on quantities of food and frequency of eating.
  • Take a 10 -15 minute walk anytime, or go up and down stairs a few times.
  • Don't over-exercise or stress your body if you are obese or unfit. As you get fitter and healthier, gradually add some stretching exercises and some safe exercises like stationary biking. 
  • Swimming and water exercises can be done at any stage of fitness, as this places the least stress on your joints and exercises your entire body in a reduced weight state. 
  • Expose bare skin to the sunlight  at a UV Index of greater than 3 for a sufficient time to generate adequate vitamin D to maintain good cellular and hormonal health.

Click on the image, or click here to know more about the sunshine vitamin and safe sun exposure.

  • (For more on the UV Index and sun exposure time--go to the Weather page--link coming soon.)If you are unable to get sunshine then take a vitamin D capsule (1000 to 2000 IU) per day until your 25(OH)D3 level in the blood test comes to a little more than 25 mg/dL, ( or more than 65 nmol/L).
  • Take a vitamin B12 tablet once a day if blood levels of B12 are low--methylcobalamin 10 mcg. (Adults actually only need 5 micrograms a day). If you have  been taking non-vegetarian food or B12 supplementation prior to this, then where your B12 levels are in the normal range, you may not need B12 supplementation for up to 3 years, except if you are pregnant where you would need supplementation on a vegetarian diet. (Note: milk is not 'vegetarian', it is liquid meat with of sugars and hormones that are poisonous to human beings over the age of 2 years.)
  • Sleep 7-8 hours a day.
  • Get some social time, off time from your regular routine.
  • Indulge in your creative instincts and take up a craft ot hobby that will engage you pleasurably.
  • Meditate for 10-15 minutes a day if you like.
  • For karmic healers--take 15-20 minutes a day minimum to run through a brief cycle of healing, bathing your mind and focused consciousness in the blissful healing energy stream.
  • Take a touch body healing periodically from a healer and be cradled in the healing energy flow, regenerating and refreshing yourself (even if you are a healer).
  • Life is not all a serious matter. If you follow these guidelines you will find your daily life most rewarding and fulfilling. This will also permit you to deal smoothly with any rough patches you come across.

"The Eating Cure" -- Reversing  *Cardiovascular diseases *Diabetes *Arthritis, Lupus *Cancer, *Polycystic ovary syndrome, and other autoimmune inflammatory diseases, without medicine. (See below)

20 common autoimmune diseases
(Also Reversible completely, or very significantly, with the Eating Cure)

1.     Graves disease (hyperthyroidism)

2.     Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism)

3.     Rheumatoid arthritis

4.     Type I & Type II diabetes

5.     Vitiligo

6.     Pernicious anemia

7.     Glomerulonephritis

8.     Multiple sclerosis

9.     Systemic lupus erythematosus

10.  Sjogren’s disease

11.  Myasthenia gravis

12.  Polymyositis/ dermatomyositis

13.  Addison’s disease

14.  Chronic active hepatitis

15.  Primary biliary cirrhosis

16.  Scleroderma

17.  Inflammatory Psoriasis

18.  Uveitis, macular degeneration

19.  Phlebitis

20.  Asthma

.... And Many More.

  • Mr. Nalin Nirula requires that each attendee bring a second family member or associate so that there is another person within the attendee's support system to help, encourage and support reversal of ailments.
  • The seminar fee is a standard 1 day seminar fee as being charged at the Center. * The fee for 1 person includes a free seat for a second person.

It is all about maximizing the degree of Cure and wellness!

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"Reversing Chronic Diseases  in 14 days or less"
Without Modern Medicine
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Typical Eating Cure Seminar Menu

The entire menu is fat- oil- and dairy-free.

Mid-morning snack:
* 'Chatpati Shakkarkandi' (yam) with pomegranate seeds.

* 'Kashmiri Haak saag' (kadam, Kashmiri kale) in a traditional Kashmiri spice gravy...
* ... Served with premium 'Kerala black rice' (25% bran Matta rice)
* 'Kashmiri Rajmah' curry in a mildly spiced flavorful red tomato gravy
* 'Winter Squash' in a light gravy
* 'Piquant pan-roasted potatoes'

* 'Chilled Crunchy Fresh Fruit Whip': Mango, strawberry, grape whip with diced Golden Delicious Green and Red apples, and pomegranate.

Afternoon snack:
* 'Chatpata Potato' with puffed rice and roasted chickpeas sprinkles tossed with with a fresh lemon and corainder dressing