Virtual Tour of the
Nirula Healing Center

This is a tour of the entry area. The unusual painting of Hanuman-ji by Ramesh Gorjala greets visitors as they enter the center.

Sri Hanuman, son of the wind-god is the embodiment of strength, service and devotion to the Divine, and a conveyor of health.

During the battles of good and evil as recorded in the Ramayan, he actually lifted and brought the whole Gandhamadan mountain of life-saving herbs from the Himalayas to heal the wounded Lord Lakshman.

Sri Hanuman's presence drives away evil thoughts, influences, demoniac energies that prey on the mind. He is famous for overcoming the astral energies of black magic, tantra.

The Healing Center is regularly purified with special mantra water empowered by Sri Hanuman's healing energies.

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