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For Safe Sun Exposure:

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Ultra Violet (UV) light from the sunshine that is healthy for people is measured by its wavelength in nanometres, or 'nm'.

Two types of UV concern us mainly--UV-A, and UV-B. The third type-- UV-C, is a short wavelength UV absorbed by the atmosphere and only available through man-made UV lamps. UV-C is germicidal in nature.

  • Sunlight reaching the planet's surface has both wavelengths - UVA and UVB

Long wavelength UV-A is available more, early in the day and late in the day. UVA causes premature skin aging.

Short wavelength UV-B is available around solar noon.

  • The UV Index changes according to time of day, the seasons, the geographical location, weather and so on, and the Index reflects this.
  • The UVI ratings are  from UVI '0' to UVI '11'.
  • Avoid sun exposure below UVI 3.

To get a greater clarification about how the Solar Meter 6.5 works (that we used to get the readings on the video on this page), we wrote to to the manufacturers-- Solartech Inc with a query in December:

  • "Some information needed please--when using the meter, the reading at 1.8 says UV A and UV B. Do I understand this correctly to mean that, upto around 280 nm or so the sun rays are UVA A, and above that they are UV B to 315 nm, and correspondingly would the UVI reading for optimum UV B = 2.90 to around 3.20, with UVA and UVB dropping off after that?"

Steve Mackin of Solartech Inc replied clarifying that the reading was erythemally weighted UV (skin response weighted UV).

  • He wrote to say, "(the meter) it is picking up erythemally weighted UV with response as shown on log graph on Model 6.5 webpage. It is not separating out UVB and UVA. The reading is "weighted" to be most sensitive to short wave UVB and least sensitive to long wave UVA.... per the erythemal action spectrum (EAS).

    "The reading on the meter is not nm wavelengths. It is weighted intensity. UVB is 280-315nm (or 320nm in USA). UVA is 315-400nm. Your UVI reading of 1.8 is low this time of year (December) because sun angle is way down south. Near June 21 the UVI will go up around 10.0+ near noon clear sky. Any smog or haze in air will reduce UVI. This site attempts to explain how UVI is calculated:  See "how calculated" link example."
  • The UVIndex on the weather page links given here (or on the EPA website as per link above, and other such sites) would similarly be an accurate guide to the UVI intensity.
  • However, we have found many websites give the average of the index for the month and not the true reading when not reporting in real time, and this can be misleading.

The Weather, UV Index, Vitamin D and you

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UVI-Sun exposure Recommendations

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Download the Sun Exposure chart below and save to your device  as a PDF format for handy reference--

Weather Underground PWS IDELHINE8

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Vitamin D - The 'Sunshine Vitamin'

Vitamin D is actually a hormone produced naturally in the body on exposing the skin to the sun's rays when the UV Index is 3 or more. The naturally produced vitamin D is stored in the body, and the excess not needed is excreted.

Vitamin D taken through supplements is in circulation and does not get stored; it also interferes with the ability of the kidneys to process vitamin D1 to D3 (25-hydroxy-D)--the natural most usable form.

However, where people are not able to get adequate sunshine time, if housebound, in hospital and so on, supplementation may be used to bring the vitamin D levels to above the minimum--62.5 nmol/L  (25 ng/mL) to 75 nmol/L (30 ng/mL).

The UVB radiation is the one that generates vitamin D3, and it does not penetrate glass panes. While exposing oneself to the sun through a glass window one may get a tan, but won't get vitamin D3 generation by that exposure.

(See the video above for more details)

Weather - Sun protection

Protection from excessive sun radiation is advisable as it can create skin DNA changes and promote skin cancer in those who may be predisposed to it because of lifestyle factors.

Using sunscreens, hats, clothing is recommended to protect from overexposure.

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The UV Index (UVI)

The Ultraviolet Index (UVI) is an international standard of measurement of the strength of the sun's UV radiation on the planet, allowing for atmospheric absorption by ozone layer and atmosphere.

The UVI is a prediction of UV strength at around 2 to 4 hours around the solar noon when sun is at its highest.

The UV Index is designed to give people information about how to protect themselves from harmful UV and how to benefit from it.

Scroll down the page for more information and the UVI exposure time for various skin types.

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International Weather

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