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Nalin Nirula - Spiritual Guru, Karmic Healer, result-oriented Mentor and Life Coach is a spiritualist and karmic healer based in Delhi, India, with more than forty years of experience in this area. He empower others through spiritual initiation processes, guiding them on how to heal and make their lives better now and in the future. Read More about Nalin Nirula

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I am a scientific researcher currently working at Kings College London. I have been a student of Master Nalin Nirula since the year 2000 and have been initiated to the spiritual empowerments of Reiki and KQ Force. I have also been following the eating cure diet for the last twelve months. I had been struggling with chronic sinusitis and allergies for several years in the past. Since switching my dietary habits, these problems have now disappeared without the need of any additional medication. Dr Kavitha Baruah, Research associte, Kings College London

Honestly, I don't know how to concise the transformation I have gone through internally and externally with Master Nalin Nirula health and healing program. I have lost 18kgs in 9 months from the program. I am enjpoying a complete wardrobe change and walking with much greater confidence and dignity. I have gotten rid of most of my medicines I was taking for insulin control (diabetic), vitamin supplements etc. I used to suffer from migrane and Sir had mentioned that actually my body is rejecting the oil I am taking. Ever since i have followed this diet, I have very rarely experienced a head ache. In this entire year, I have not taken a single sick leave because I have not suffered from any infections like cold, cough, fever etc which were quite common at one point in time. Kshipra, Qualitative Research Manager, Sharjah, UAE

I had a long list of ailments for which I tried all possible medical treatments form allopathy to homeopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy. Howver my life changed a year ago when i started the eating cure protocol by Master Nalin Nirula. Within 16 days of following the plant based, starch solutions diet I reversed my type 2 Diabetes for which I was taking 850 mg glyciphage tablets twice a day. In two months I lost 8 kgs alongside IBS, migraine, sleep apnea and acidity. Six months down the line my hormones started to stabilising leading to fewer mood swings. Bhairavi Vyas, Mumbai, Homemaker

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